Our fields of expertise

AVOXA has made the decision to bring together 7 fields of expertise under an umbrella brand with a view to delivering integrated and coordinated services.

Some examples of industry expertise:

AVOXA has developed extensive experience and expertise within the ecosystem of new Technologies and digital technology, especially in western France, Paris and abroad.
In this field, more than elsewhere, the speed at which models and markets change requires 360-degree support every step of the way, and a thorough understanding of legal as well as economic, financial and technical issues. 
Our clients (Start-ups, research institutes, Technology Research Institutes, SATT (Corporations for the Speed up of Technology Transfers), public funding agency, industrialists and competitiveness clusters are partners who often prompt us to change our modus operandi.
Innovation is at the core of the AVOXA information system. This is reflected in the following fields: Digital transition, data economy, smart objects, augmented reality, digital confidence, smart grids, cloud computing, Big Data, Supercomputers, etc.
This is also illustrated in PIAs (Programs for Investments in the Future) and French Tech.

New technologies and Digital

AVOXA acounsels players in the biotechnology sector in their development initiatives by providing advice on everyday management issues, exceptional acquisitions, company restructurings, fund-raising efforts or access to regional, national (FUI) and European (H2020) funding.
AVOXA also has wide-ranging expertise in assistance in negotiating and drawing up contracts such as licensing agreements, partnership, consortium, technology and equipment transfer agreements, toll manufacturing and research-services agreements) as well as in addressing IP issues (patents, trademarks and know-how) and related tax issues (such as the Tax Research Credit).
Avoxa is also active in the field of marine biotechnologies, bioplastics, biofuels, medical biotechnologies (medical devices and ethical drugs).


AVOXA provides assistance to both public and private stakeholders that are industry leaders in the energy sector and especially to those pursuing projects in the field of renewable energies such as wind, solar and tidal stream generation, methane production as well and energy transition.
Our clients (French regions, CCRI, territorial semi-public companies, metropolises, industrial groups (ITE (Institutes for Energy Transition or SMEs) are innovating, and changing the French energy landscape.
The combining of our energy and digital expertise enables us to participate in new cross-functional projects such as smart grids or marine energy.


AVOXA has a dedicated team providing advice and support to clients (Associations, foundations or endowment funds) operating in this sector.
A large part of our activities involves young workers, young children, people with disabilities, art and culture, environmental protection and professional associations. Recurrent issues revolve around governance, public and private financing, segmentation and spin-offs of businesses and partnership contracts.

Social Solidarity Economy

AVOXA is helping actors in the agribusiness and farming sector to resolve industry-specific legal issues such as:- 
– Legal structuring in the form of commercial undertakings and cooperatives and advice in connection with sales and acquisitions (SPA);
– Implementation of a retail strategy, including relationships with retailers or the set up of large retail networks (selective, exclusive, franchises and sales representatives);
– Compliance with the regulations on products, labeling, prices, promotional operations and advertising;
– Protection of trademarks, patents, know-how and other trade dress;
– Organization of flows and operations with respect to tax rules.


Offering coordinated and integrated approaches in many business areas.