Our values

Our mission no longer consists in devising the best solution to your legal problems, but in being able to anticipate potential risks and taking advantage of any opportunity that may arise, by developing closer relationships with you.
Very early on, the firm has targeted new business segments and fast-changing sectors such as digital and renewable energies, by integrating new skills.


Our CRM model is the very embodiment of our capacity to bring innovations to our profession.
We strive to integrate new law-related business lines and form partnerships that bring together several fields of expertise.
For instance, we set up a team of tax experts and patent engineers to resolve issues around the Tax Research Credit.


Deadlines are getting shorter: delivering quick and precise answers to your questions is of strategic importance to you.
That is why our unique CRM model as managed by one of our law firm partners acting as point of contact (POC) enables us to provide progressive and effective responses tailored to your needs.


In matters of negotiation and litigation, having a fighting spirit is what has made our reputation. We only consider discussing or trying cases with the idea of winning it.
Such pertinacity and resolve enables us to protect the interests of our clients.

A fighting spirit

The signature strengths of AVOXA: Anticipating, innovating and fighting back